Adding your school to your profile will allow you to access more features of Gynzy. If you are an educator at a school with a license, you will have access to a shared folder within your school (or district). You will also be able to use Google Classroom with Gynzy.

Add your school

1. From the Gynzy library page, go to your profile and settings. To do this, click on your initials in the upper left corner and click "Profile and settings."

2. Select your state and add your municipality (city). Then a field will appear for you to search for your school. Click "Save" when finished.

If your school is not listed, you can add it.

You can also email or send us a message in the help function on the website.

3. Wait to get approved by your school admin.

Note: If your school is already using Gynzy, the Gynzy admin for the account will receive an email to approve your request to join the school. Gynzy admins sign into and can either choose to "Add user" or "Add existing user" to allow access to the school's account. If you do not get approved and do not know who your admin is, please contact us at

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