ℹ️ The information below applies to Gynzy users who used Gynzy prior to July 2019.

In this article, we tell you everything about the new Gynzy and the old. We start with a brief overview of the most important points at the top and an explanation below.


Why a new Gynzy?

  1. The original Gynzy was built using Flash, a technology that shortly will no longer be supported by internet browsers.

  2. We are better able to meet the needs and wishes of teachers by making use of new technology.

What is changing?

  1. The new Gynzy ( is already live and being used. We will continue to expand the new Gynzy with more tools, content, and functionality.

  2. Everyone will be moved completely to the new Gynzy for the 2020-2021 school year.

What can the new Gynzy do? What’s still being worked on?

  1. The new library contains lots of new content and tools. Our new Gynzy also has lots of new and improved functionalities.

  2. Your lessons from the old Gynzy are available in the new Gynzy. Learn more about your old lessons.

Take a look to see which developments are on the way within Gynzy and let us know which tools and functionalities are most important to you via


Motive: Why a new Gynzy?

Gynzy has recently turned 10, and in the last decade, so much has changed. Not only within education but also within educational technology including the functions of Gynzy. The “old” Gynzy was built using Flash. Modern internet browsers (Chrome, Edge, Safari, e.g.) rarely support Flash, and the parent company of Flash has announced that they will stop supporting Flash by the end of 2020. In addition to this, we also reached the limits of what Flash could offer us and our users. New techniques like HTML5 offer more room to grow and to realize the needs and wants of teachers and students. An update to Gynzy also offers us an excellent chance to make use of the feedback, experience and results that teachers have shared with Gynzy to improve tools, create new tools and shape the functionality of our improved version. Examples of this are that in the new Gynzy you can easily undo actions, crop or mirror images, group or outline objects, and have access to a treasure chest of useful illustrations and a curated selection of photographs, just to mention a few.

What do these developments look like?

Though the new board currently does not contain all the tools that are in the old board, we are still a long way from done. We are continuously developing new features as well as rebuilding the old Flash tools into HTML5. New tools, functionality, features are added to the new board weekly. In the next few months we’ll be adding even more content and functionality to the new board, so teachers are able to transition right away. We’ll continue making the new Gynzy better, as you expect from Gynzy.

Old lessons

Your old lessons are available in the new Gynzy. You can access them in the folder Old Gynzy lessons. Read more about your old lessons in the new Gynzy.

I have other questions

Do you still have a question about the new Gynzy? Let us know! Contact us.

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