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Remote teaching using Gynzy and Zoom
Remote teaching using Gynzy and Zoom
Enable distance learning through Gynzy and Zoom.
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You can use Zoom to set up a live teaching session with your students when either of you are working from home. You can even record the session and share it with others who weren’t able to attend simultaneously. Follow these steps to present your lesson online.


  1. Go to Zoom and create a free account. You can use your school email address (to be eligible for educational discounts for extended features or sign up using Google or Facebook.

2. Download and install the Zoom client for meetings at

3. Once installed, open the application and click Sign in.

4. Sign in using the previously created account.
5. Choose and prepare your lesson in Gynzy (from the Library or My Lessons).

If you would like to, you can also schedule a zoom meeting in advance.


  1. Open Gynzy and open your prepared lesson.

  2. Open Zoom on your computer and click New Meeting.

3. Click Invite.
(if you want to record your lesson without a live audience, you can skip step 3 and 4).

4. Click Copy URL to copy the link to the meeting to your clipboard and share it with your students (e.g. through email or another digital communication platform).
Students don't need an account.

5. After your students have joined click Record to start recording the lesson presentation.

6. Click Share to share your screen with the participants.

7. Choose the screen or window where Gynzy is opened and start presenting your lesson.


  1. To stop sharing your screen, click Stop Share.

2. After a goodbye, you can end the lesson by clicking End Meeting in the bottom-right corner.

3. Zoom will now convert and save the recording to your computer. That file you can share with your students, e.g. using YouTube.


Scheduling meetings in advance

You can also use Zoom to schedule a meeting in advance. This might help you prepare logistics such as link sharing. To do this, open Zoom on your computer and click Schedule.

Next, enter the details (topic, date), enable host and participant video and choose your preferred calendar solution

Click schedule and a calendar event is created on your behalf including the meeting link (URL).

Sharing control

To engage students even more, you can use zoom to allow students to take over your screen. This way, you can let them interact with the interactive parts of your lesson. To do so, while sharing your screen, move your mouse over to the top of the window and click More and then Give control to a single student or all participants.

Changing your background

If you miss your classroom, you can always add a picture of your classroom as your background in Zoom. Simply click the arrow next to the camera icon and click Choose a virtual background.

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