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You can use Loom to record your lessons and include a personal touch as you can be visible yourself. Loom is easy to set up and use:

Loom currently offers their pro plan (with extra features) for education for free in response to school closings.


  1. Go to Loom and sign up.

2. Indicate how you will be using Loom to get the proper onboarding.

3. Click Download App to take full advantage of Loom's features.

4. Install and open the app.
5. Sign in with the account you've created.

6. Choose and/or prepare your lesson in Gynzy (from the Library or My Lessons).


  1. Open Gynzy and open your prepared lesson.

  2. Click the Loom icon in the task bar and click Start Recording.

3. You can resize and move around your own video circle during the recording.
4. To end your recording, press the stop button on the left.

Stopping and sharing

1. After stopping your recording, it will be prepared as a video.

2. After it is finished, you can share your video using the share button and clicking Link.

3. You can now share the link with your students (e.g. through email or another digital communication platform).
Students don't need an account.
Alternatively, you can download the video and upload it on YouTube or Vimeo.


Receive feedback

Students and other viewers can react to points in your video using the set of emoji in the bottom. You could for example tell your students to use the open mouth emoji 😮 to indicate parts that they don't fully understand.

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