With the transition to the new school year, we will be doing a little summer cleaning (archiving) so you can start the new school year fresh.

From July 31st to August 1st, 2022, the Gynzy software will not be accessible and no groups or students can be edited.

During this time your students and your groups will be disconnected from your account, however the student accounts will remain with your school. When students are disconnected from the teacher’s account (if the group is disconnected), they also no longer show up in tools in saved lessons.

Here's an example:
- In school year 2021/2022, I have assigned a class to my profile with students A, B and C. I uncheck student A in my tool (i.e. student B and C are checked in the tool). I save the lesson in which I use this tool.
- If I haven’t assigned any new groups to my profile by next year, and I open the saved lesson with this tool, my tool’s settings tell me to select a class and I’m redirected to Groups & Students to assign groups to my profile.
- If, next year, I have a group assigned to my profile that's active with students A, B and D, and I open the saved lesson with this tool, then student A, B and D will show up in the tool settings, of which only student B is checked.

From August 2nd it is necessary for all schools to re-establish the link with Google Classroom. This will enable you to once again link groups and students, create new groups, and link students to these groups for the new school year.

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