Harness the power of Gynzy and YouTube to propel your distance learning and create easily accessible videos of your instructions.

Once you have recorded your video (e.g. using Zoom, Loom or Google Meet) you can upload it to YouTube for easy access by following these steps:

Create a YouTube 'Channel'

  1. Go to youtube.com.

  2. Sign in with a Google account or create one.

  3. Click your profile image in the top-right corner and click Create a channel.

4. Follow the steps to create your own channel.

Upload your video

  1. Go to YouTube Studio.

  2. Click Create in the top-right corner and select Upload video.

3. Select a file from your computer to upload.

4. Provide a title and description, set the audience and other settings, then click Next.

5. In step 2, click Next.

6. In step 3, choose whether you want to make your video Public or Unlisted and click Save.

Public - everybody can find the video in YouTube search and when they are on your channel's page.
Unlisted - only the people who know the link to the video are able to see it.

7. Click the copy button (two rectangles) to copy the URL (link) to the video to your clipboard and paste it in an email or other digital communications platform to share it with your students.

All done!

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