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If you don't prefer Zoom or Google Hangouts Meet, Skype offers an alternative (meet now) that can be used set up a live teaching session with your students when either of you are working from home. You can even record the session and share it with others that weren’t able to attend simultaneously.

No accounts or downloads are required. However, some features work better when the teacher has downloaded the desktop version of Skype.

Follow these steps to present your lesson online:

Planning and starting

  1. Choose and prepare your lesson (from the Library or My Lessons). Leave that lesson opened in your browser.

  2. Open Skype on your computer.
    Alternatively, you can start a Skype conference in Chrome call from here and continue at step 4.

  3. Click Meet Now.

4. Copy the call link and share the meeting link with your students using e.g. email or other digital communication platforms.
5. Click Start call.

6. Once everybody is ready, you can optionally start the recording by clicking Start recording in the bottom-left corner.

NB At least one other participant has to join the call, in order to be able to record the meeting.

7. To share your screen, click Share screen in the bottom-right corner.

8. Choose Share application window.
9. Choose the window with your prepared lesson.
10. Click Start sharing.


  1. To stop presenting your screen, click Screen sharing options in the bottom-right corner and choose Stop sharing.

2. To stop the call, click the red horn button in the bottom center.

3. To retrieve the recording, click the 3 dots () and choose Save as. You can then share that file with your students, e.g. using YouTube.

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