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Upload the files from your computer or Google Drive, or drag the file directly into Gynzy.

The audio file will import and be shown on the page in the form of an audio player. It will automatically be added to your personal audio library where you can return to it, or use it again at any time.

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Create a personal library

Your personal audio library can be found in the media tab on your Gynzy whiteboard, where you can also upload images and videos to Gynzy. In the Audio tab you will find the audio files you’ve already uploaded and have the option to upload new audio files, either from your computer or from Google Drive. Both MP3 and WAV formats are supported.

With the ability to upload audio to your lessons and activities, Gynzy educators can make their lessons that much more engaging. Try using audio in the classroom to:

  • Give instructions about specific activities

  • Listen to fun educational songs in class

  • Incorporate audio-based activities into class

  • Leave behind instructions for substitutes

  • Help students learn proper pronunciation

Tip: Make sure that the audio files that you import have clear names. These names are visible in your audio and searchable, so you can find them again when you need them.

The audio player

Once you have added audio to a page, you can modify the display via the settings. The default display is the audio player. The other option is a compact button, which can be customized to be different colors. The audio player has more options, including a play, pause, and stop button.

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